Related Work & Presentations

Mark’s GenoPri’20 (associated with GA4GH 8th Plenary) keynote presentation.

Data Sanitization to Reduce Private Information Leakage from Functional Genomics. Gamze Gürsoy, Prashant Emani, Charlotte M.Brannon, Otto A.Jolanki, ArifHarmanci, J. SethStrattan, J. MichaelCherry, Andrew D.Miranker, and MarkGerstein, Cell, in press

When Biology Gets Personal: Hidden Challenges of Privacy and Ethics in Biological Big Data. Gamze Gürsoy, Arif Harmanci, Haixu Tang, Erman Ayday and Steven E. Brenner

Analysis of sensitive information leakage in functional genomics signal profiles through genomic deletions. A Harmanci, M Gerstein (2018). Nat Commun 9: 2453.

Quantification of private information leakage from phenotype-genotype data: linking attacks.A Harmanci, M Gerstein (2016). Nat Methods 13: 251-6.